I was born in Blackpool, Lancashire in the 60s where I still live, married with 4 children (what happened there?!) I started listening to music on vinyl from a young age and was given some records by my uncle to play on my first record player, a close and play sort of toy but it played 45ís when you closed the lid. In the 70ís and 80ís, I used to listen to all different kind of stations on the radio including what was left of the pirates (Radio Caroline) and Luxembourg 208 am (fading in and out).
I built a deck system at school in wood work which consisted of a Reel to Reel tape and a single BSR record deck, this was the start of my DJ-ing career.

Since the late 70s I have worked at numerous venues from nightclub residencies, pubs and hotels to Mobile Disco work (which I still do occasionally) starting off on good old vinyl progressing to cd and then mp3. Out of all the formats I prefer vinyl but as technology has moved on I donít mind which platform.

My preferred genre of music is Northern Soul, and I love to play that on vinyl (which is a requirement for most soul nights) but I have a varied collection on both vinyl and other formats.

I have been presenting on radio for about 3 years now I am enjoying the experience immensely, I use a combination of digital and vinyl for my shows which are produced from my studio in Sunny Blackpool (joke).

Tune in every Friday 7-9 pm for 2 hours of the best Northern Soul,Motown and Philly, with me Tommy J.