Presenter Profile
Hi My name is Eric and In 2008 I joined the original Wyrelite team as a presenter but after the decision to discontinue I hung up my radio mic.

I have remained a staunch supporter in the background of Gary Davison and the team when the decision to relaunch Wyrelite was made.

It was only when my daughter came to me and said she would like to do a show with me that we decided to get together and do shows.

Rachel likes to play the drums and likes all kinds of music I will let her tell you a bit about herself.

My name is Rachel, I am a young radio presenter from the south coast, who along with my Dad presents a show on Wyrelite Radio.

I am currently in secondary school and will soon be studying my GCSE’s.

I have always been interested in radio since I was very young and enjoy all kinds of music, my most inspirational person is my Dad after which is Gary Davison, he is the reason I kept on at my Dad to get back into radio as I watched Gary do his shows, Gary even let me help him once.

We look forward to welcoming you the listener to our shows.