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well where do i start it all started for me when i started doing hospital radio in the 80's then got a lucky break working on OB's for londons Capital radio.

from there moved around the country doing various on air stuff for some major radio stations and am now here and have to say am loving every single bit of it


What are 3 things that you cant live without? music, car, mobile phone

Give us one word that your mum would use to descibe you? Nutter

If its the bosses shout what's your poison? Vodka and coke

Favourite pick up line? don't do the cheese its normally can i get you a drink

When are you most happy? Leaving work on a Friday afternoon

Give us one line that would feature on your obituary well he did it his way 102 and onto his 15th wife and she was only 22

What tune blows your hair back? what hair you taking the p*** oh sorry Jo Smooth - Promised land

What book are you reading at the moment? David Jason – Only Fools And Stories

Tell us about your best weekend ever. The best weekends are the one's you cant remember so sorry ya lucks out

Who is in your top 5

Jennifer Aniston

Rachel Stevens

Avril Lavigne

Sheriden Smith

Sarah cracknell

About Rewind Chart Show

The Chart is from this week from years gone by, we can go anywhere from the 70's right up to 2010.

The first hour we mix and match our way to the top 10 picking the best songs from that week. The second hour we edge ever closer to that top 10 and then we play the top 10 in full.