Neil Glaves The man,the myth, the radio dude! Well, Im kicking on a bit now though it doesnt show people.

I started in radio by doing voice bits for a station in the North east of England called Radio Tees, I moved on from there and was trained in continuity presentation by BBC TV and nearly ended up with the CBBC presenters job back in the late 80's. I have presented radio shows for many stations, both in the UK and also around Europe. So you could say I have been around the block just a tad. Anyway enjoy today for it could go tomorrow Not Arf poppickers! ! ! ! !

Each show consists of the very best from the studios of either PWL or pop producers Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman. It may include mixes from Pete Hammond, Dave Ford, Phil Harding and the like as well. My collection of SAW music and artists stretches toward the thousands of tracks.

Each show features, voice tracks from myself, The Simpsons (TM), and famous bits from TV and radio worldwide. It has quotes from lots PWL artists including Kylie, Rick Astley, Donna Summer, Jason Donovan et al. There are bits from Mike Stock and also Pete in there as well!

Phew! Keeping up? The promos and sweepers and the jingles are all produced by me, and I am available to hire should you want something similar....(ahem... free advertising)

For those of you who dont know Stock Aitken and Waterman here is a quick run down.....

Stock Aitken Waterman, sometimes known as SAW, were a UK songwriting and record producing trio consisting of Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman. They had great success during the mid to late 1980s and early 1990s. The three are considered to be one of the most successful songwriting and producing partnerships of all time, scoring more than 100 UK top 40 hits, selling 40 million records and earning an estimated £60 million (about $103.78 million).[1]

SAW started producing Hi-NRG underground club hits, but earned worldwide success with a mix of Hi-NRG-influenced sound, romantic Motown lyrics and Italian melodies.

On 15 January 1984, shortly after meeting Aitken and Stock, Waterman asked them to work with him and his recently formed production company, Pete Waterman Limited (PWL). One of their first collaborations was the Cyprus entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in May 1984 where Greek singer Andy Paul performed the SAW song "Anna Maria Lena". Their initial style was in creating Hi-NRG dance music with a cover version of "You Think You're a Man" by Divine (#16 UK Jul 1984) and "Whatever I Do" by Hazell Dean (#4 UK Jul 1984). They struck gold in March 1985 when "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive reached number one on the UK singles chart. However, Pete Waterman has said in interviews that the trio were still in dire financial straits at the time.

SAW’s early work was recorded and mixed at Marquee Studios in Wardour Street, where Phil Harding and Rob Waldron worked with them on Youthquake, the Dead or Alive album which included their huge hit "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)". Waldron went to work as an assistant engineer to Harding when Waterman opened his new studio in Borough (The Hit Factory). Waldron became the chief recording engineer and Linn 9000 programmer (A Linn) and Harding was the mix master, working with various artists including Bananarama, Princess, Rick Astley, Hazell Dean, Haywoode, Brilliant and O'Chi Brown.

In later years, one of SAW's most successful artists was Kylie Minogue, a young actress and a promising pop singer from Melbourne, Australia who was well known for her role in the soap opera Neighbours. Her first 13 singles reached the UK top ten and her debut "I Should Be So Lucky" spent five weeks at number one in the UK. The album Kylie was the highest selling album in Britain of 1988, and fifth highest-selling album of the decade. They were also responsible for 1987's highest-selling single, Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". At the height of their fame, SAW also had a top twenty hit as themselves with the largely instrumental "Roadblock" (from which M/A/R/R/S would lift the offending sample for "Pump Up the Volume").

In 1989, SAW wrote and produced the highest-selling album of the year, Jason Donovan's Ten Good Reasons. Donovan had been Minogue's co-star in Neighbours, and his success for a time equalled hers. In 1988-89, SAW recorded three tracks with Judas Priest. These tracks were never released, and are said to be in Judas Priest's possession.

In 1989, SAW also recorded and produced Donna Summer's Another Place and Time album, as well as writing or co-writing all the tracks. Summer, a legendary American disco and pop singer, hired SAW in order to revive her career, just as an earlier European pop music producer (Giorgio Moroder) had launched it. However, a followup to Another Place and Time was never to be realized, reportedly due to difficult contract negotiations between Summer and SAW.

Another of SAW's most successful hit singles was the 1989 number-one single "Ferry Cross the Mersey" (a charity single featuring The Christians, Holly Johnson, Paul McCartney and Gerry Marsden).

Hang on a cotton-picking moment I have found another fantastic Radio photo of myself at Galaxy FM North East.....

What a handsome bloke? Well maybe not then.....
In 1994, Stock and Aitken worked together again, forming Love This records and achieving some success in the UK in the 90's (notably Robson & Jerome and Nicki French), while Pete Waterman kept successfully running PWL Records.

In 2005 the three producers reunited again and released a CD+DVD album, SAW Gold, with some of their most known singles. They were reportedly working together again, however Matt Aitken left again. 2007 saw the release of a new Stock/Waterman produced single, the first in 14 years. It was The Sheilas' single (I'm So) Happy Happy (You're Mine) which only peaked at #91 in the UK.

If you dont know now then you never will people, The greatest pop producers Britain has ever produced, Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman. The men from THE HIT FACTORY.......