Presenter Profile
Born in a small village called Park in Co Derry Northern Ireland Mary K left home at the tender age of sixteen to pursue her musical dream to become a professional recording artist.

Her dream finally came true in 2008 when Scotland's premier Folk label Greentrax received her self produced demo and immediately signed her to a three year licencing contract and released her debut album " A song in her heart" to worldwide critical acclaim.

Mary had sang for many years on The UK country music scene under the stage name Tanya and was lead singer of Nevada for five years before forming her own band " Tanya & Sneaky moon" popular in country clubs and festivals all over the UK . Mary decided to go back to her roots and recorded her debut album of Contemporary and traditional folk music.

On its release Mary was sought after by media and interviewed on radio stations and magazines all over the world . It was when Mary appeared as a guest of Stewart Fenwick on The Celtic Country show at a Glasgow Radio station that Mary's speaking voice and warm personality struck a chord with Station management and listeners alike.

Two days later she got a call from the manager who asked if she would be interested in becoming a presenter. Mary K took to it really well and seem to have a way with people.

Mary has interviewed many top names as well as highlighting many unknown independent artists on her show. and has continued with her radio commitment.

leaving Celtic Music Radio after ten years in Feb 2018 Mary took a short break before becoming freelance and continuing her weekly production of The Mary K Burke show. alongside her singing commitments ."

I am passionate about music both listening and playing and creating it and if I can bring a little joy to some people that makes it all worthwhile.

I am happy with my achievements both in Music and Radio and have made some wonderful connections throughout the world because of what I do.

it also keeps me grounded and disciplined and I hope to be still broadcasting in another ten years" . Mary's taste in music comes from her background growing up in N Ireland and hearing Country music and Irish folk music more so than main stream. Her mix includes Country, Americana,Celtic-Folk ,easy listening and Rockabilly.