Presenter Profile
Joey was born and bred in Preston, Lancashire in the later part of the decade that gave us the Super Mario Brothers, Cabbage Patch Kids, Teddy Ruxpin, Pac-Man, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... Yes, the 1980s!

Joey has always grown up listening to music, but particually remembers tracks from the 1990s (while he was at school) by the likes of Robbie Williams, Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Five, Steps, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, Savage Garden, Westlife and Another Level.

These days, Joey's favourite music falls under the trance genre in the electronic dance music category. Generally speaking, trance music tracks have a tempo of between 125 to mid 160 beats per minute, and features a repeating melodic phrase, and a musical form that distinctly builds up and down throughout a track.

Joey's love affair with broadcasting came about after chatting at great length with a close friend about an online radio station that he was invloved with, and Joey thought "I could do that". What Joey didn't know at the time was, he (like many others) would be given the chance to broadcast from home and become a little star in his own right.

Over the last decade, Joey has presented and produced a number programmes on H2K Radio, Bumps Radio, Reach OnAir, Wigan FM and Fenland Radio. Now though, he's joined the Wyrelite Radio team and can be heard each and every Tuesday From 5pm In his spare time, Joey turns to his PlayStation4 and can often be found playing games such as Cal of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft. When Joey is not gaming, he likes to socialise with friends and surf the web. However, although Joey won't admit it, he has an obsession with sleep and his bed! Oh, plus there's the small matter of keeping his girlfriend (Amelia) happy.

Joey's ambition is to become a professional DJ, playing in clubs up and down the country and around the world. Just remember, you heard him hear first on Wyrelite Radio!