Presenter Profile
I first got interested in radio presentation and production back in 2002, whilst assisting the IT department at Huntingdonshire Regional College. Here I met long-term friend Terry Turner, who at the time was looking to setup a radio station for the college, which eventually started broadcasting online, under the name Kewlistic Radio.

Then in 2005, I along with the help of my Mum (Julie), Dad (Colin) and close friends setup an online radio station called Generation Mix, which ran very successfully for 18 months and featured around 70 presenters.

Following the closure of my station, I continued to present, co-present and produce a number of custom and syndicated programmes for stations such as Cambridgeshire Internet Radio, CMP Radio, Cityvibe Mix, Cityvibe Radio, Crystal Sound Radio, DMR Radio, Fenland Radio, Gravity Digital Radio, Kewlistic Radio, Ramsey Community Radio, Reach OnAir, Variety UK, Venture Radio and You Love It We Play It, just to name a few!

In my spare time, i like to turn gamer, and can usually be found in my 'man pad' or bedroom on Grand Theft Auto. However, when I'm not gaming, I like to socialise on Facebook and Skype with friends.