Hello, I'm Gary Davison; I'm a 50 year old radio presenter from Selsey in West Sussex.

I joined Wyrelite Radio back in 2006, and have kept the name going with the intention of re branding it, i now am the owner and proud to say we have a fantastic team of presenters and behind the scene people who give up thier spare time to help.

For the last 15 years I worked as a Night Security Manager for Bunn Leisure, a very large Holiday Park in Sunny Selsey, Then moving on to be a Store Manager of my Local Nisa Shop. But due to ill health i had to stop working in june 2017 Now in 2018 i have returned to re lauch Wyrelite Radio for the 2nd time and am loving it. I am happily married to Tracey and in 2004 my wife gave birth to Siobhan my princess and is in my every thought.

The 1st song I ever bought was Living after midnight by Judas Priest, unfortunately I never got to play the record to cut a long story short when I got home from the Ok record store I remember placing the dam record on the seat of my go cart, what I did next was to haunt me forever, yes you guessed correct I sat on the record and that was the end of it.

I have been involved in internet radio for quite a few years, and presenting now for about 10 years.

The 1st year I started to present a show on a small internet station we came 3rd in The Internet Radio awards, being a part of a team who all pulled together in any situation was a great feeling this made me aware more than ever that this is what i wanted to do.

If I could interview anyone my choice would have to be my co-host Gavin Bass, I would love to get in side his mind and find out what makes him tick, Gavin is a pleasure to work with and some of his replies are pure gold in entertainment.