Dominic started in radio as a precocious fifteen year old on Hospital Radio, playing easy listening to deaf pensioners.

His claim to fame is he was almost knocked down by Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne.

He also met Guns and Roses just before they became famous, went around London's Soho with them and nobody batted an eyelash.

Six months later, they were world famous.

He has broadcast on many radio stations including Ten 17, Radio Forest, Invicta, London Radio, Gloucester Local Radio, Alice's Restaurant.

Now is the time for the radio revolution to start, and internet radio is the way forward.

Little is known about the man behind the Brit Rock.

He's been in radio since Noah was in his Ark. If there's a song he doesn't know, it's likely it's not worth playing.

He makes Jack Black look like a boy band member.

His Dominic Forbes.