Hi There

Thanks for popping by & having a look at my webpage

Well I'm 21 & a bit lol & live in Manchester. I love my music and my dream has always been to play music on the radio but I never thought I'd get the chance. Ever Since my Mum & Dad bought me a little portable radio back in the 70s I listened to the likes of The Bellamy Brothers & Abba ect. and I wondered where the Sound was coming from. "David Turn that Radio down it's far too loud at this time of the Night" Springs to my mind as I listened to stations such as Red Rose Radio in Preston, Blackpool's Radio Wave & Signal Radio from Stoke, listening to presenters such as Diane Lee Carol, Sally Moon & Gerry Dee.

Then along came Radio Cavell which is Oldham's Hospital Radio station. I pulled up in the car outside thinking "What am I doing here I've bitten off more than I can Chew" I was well out of my comfort zone. I knocked on the door, "Oh, you most be David come in" Well that was the start, taking requests for the request shows, radio bingo (don't ask me how that works I'd be here all night lol). Then one night I had a request from a friend of mine so I knocked on the door of the Studio to give it to Jim who was one of the presenters, I said that's my friend can you read it out for me he said "NO YOUR ON NEXT DO IT YOURSELF" well you can imagine how I felt lol.

He threw the Microphone more or less at me with seconds to spare and I was on air! There was no stopping me after that. In 2010 I took over the Tuesday night request show, then a few weeks later I was asked if I'd like to do my own show and feel good Friday was born. I also took it in turns to present the Saturday night requests, radio bingo, & most recently David's breakfast club 7am - 9am and the power hours.

In 2009 I won the station award for effort & commitment of which I'm so proud of.

2011 came along & one night I was listening to someone on the radio when from Facebook I was Poked by a station manager, and got talking to him. He asked if I would be interested in joining a internet radio station. I jumped at the chance, Gibraltar, Malta & New York to name but a few I'm proud of where the shows gone & I thank each & every programe manager of the stations for having the show each week.
I'd like to thank the following people to who have been inspirations in my life & helping me with my radio Frank Eaton of Radio Cavell, Frank thanks for believing me without you I'd not got this far

Kevin Smith of Radio Cavell, Thanks for kicking my Ar*e & saying you are going to learn the desk in the Studio you are going to be a presenter when the going got tough lol

Diane Lee Carol for being one of my inspirations in life & making me want to present In Radio.

Thank you to each & every broadcast manager who has the show on their station

One Big thank you to you the listener for listening to the show each week.