Andy Henly has been working in radio professionally since 1988 and started his career doing overnight shows on GWR FM. Since then, Andy has worked for radio stations like Severn Sound, Gold, Jack FM and The Breeze. When not in front of the microphone, Andy has worked in radio programming (music manager and programme controller).

Outside of Radio, Andy is a huge fan of 20th Century history, loves cult and classic television, stays fit by walking and playing tennis and releases stress by playing classic Space Invaders.

“Big Ones and New Ones” is a weekly 2 hour show looking at the best of the new releases and remembering the biggest songs of the past. There is a weekly anniversary chart counting down the exact top five (Good or Bad) from a week in the past.

Ten Extra Likes of Andy

  1. Tea or Coffee? Tea, except when I really want a cup of coffee

  2. Early Starts or Late Nights? The Earlier the better

  3. Eastenders or Corrie? Eastenders

  4. Fast Food or Home Cooked? Home Cooked, I am a quite a chef in the Kitchen

  5. Summer or Winter? Neither, but I’m not a sun worshiper so Winter I guess

  6. Reality TV or Drama, Drama everytime

  7. Broadsheet or Tabloid, I do like my Tabloids (but I can only take so much of The Daily Mail)

  8. Gym or Sofa? Sofa, especially with a nice cold beer and some nibbles

  9. Holidays in the UK or Abroad? I do love UK holidays but travel to America every few years

  10. Sport Event or Cinema? Cinema