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A new year brings some changes to the programme schedule for Wyrelite Radio. So please take the time to browse our updated programme schedule by clicking on the Shows tab at the top of the page.

If for whatever reason you cannot find a programme that was previously advertised, we would strongly suggest that you try looking for that programme on another station that's part of The West Anglian Radio Network by clicking here.

Not only has our programme scheduled changed a little, but we have recently moved things around on our website, so please feel free to explore it.

Did you know?

The Wyre Light was a 40-foot tall iron screw-pile lighthouse marking the navigation channel to the town of Fleetwood, Lancashire, England.

The lighthouse was designed by Alexander Mitchell (an Irish engineer) who developed the screwpile concept.

It was one of the first screwpile lighthouses ever built and inspired other similar constructions such as the Maplin Sand Light and the Thomas Point Shoal Light.